Pramana Spa

The Pramana Spa at the Pramana WatuKurung is designed to give a personalized in Resort service.

Pramana it’s means "proof" and "means of knowledge". Ancient and medieval Indian texts identify six pramanas as correct means of accurate knowledge and to truths: perception (Sanskrit pratyakṣa), inference (anumāna), comparison and analogy (upamāna), postulation, derivation from circumstances (arthāpatti),non-perception, negative/cognitive proof (anupalabdhi) and word, testimony of past or present reliable experts (Śabda). Practice in your life the six part to radiance your glow inner beauty and balance body energy.

The Pramana Spa is set incorporate with the Surya Puja Yoga at same level with spa featuring two room with couple massage beds, shower and bath, include outside mani and pedicure area. While enjoying signature treatments using local herbs ingredients from a relaxation massage to intensive detox program.Embracing the sight and sounds over look on the side river with and the bridges.

Spa Price list


Body Massage

Pramana Massage
60 minutes : IDR. 650K per person
90 minutes : IDR. 900K per person

Authentic traditional Massage its combined with Balinese technique, stretching, long stroke skin rolling, palm, thumbs pressure techniques to balance the energy centers and improve the integration of your internal systems, blood circulation and release stress.

Yoga Massage
60 minutes : IDR. 600K per person

Yoga Massage using meditation techniques.Slow and deep movements with pressure on the chakra points existin alongside the body. A combination of shiatsu massages and Hawaiian massage, this is a type of dry massage without using any oil.The yoga masseur uses her palm ,fingers ,thumbs, elbows, knees ,and the feet to work on body’s acupuncture points, along what is considered to be the body’s meridians or energy channels

Aroma Ancient Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 890K per person

Massage therapy using ancient oils that are heated and this massage also using ancient techniques, the aroma of the oil is very distinctive, made from genuine Balinese coconut (we call it "Nyuh Gading") also believed to be "sacred coconut" because it is widely used for healing. This oil is made traditionally over a long period of time and using a traditional fireplace and very suitable for sensitive skin because it is pure without any mixture.

Aroma Sense Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 990K per person

A treatment that activates the sense of smell by combining massage to the whole body using pieces of red roses and then combined with heated olive oil. The function of this treatment is to regenerate skin cells, feel relaxation, and feel calm through smell

Aromatherapy Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 980K per person

A relaxing massage involving a variety of techniques, essential oil are applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin and muscles, the essential experience is completed with a oil burner that enhance the benefits of those oils extracted from herbs and plants.

Sport Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 970K per person

This deep tissue massage is a ideal for increasing circulation, assisting with healing injuries, and creating a very deep sense of relaxation in the body.

Stone Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 980K per person

A nature therapy warm stone are using typically river rock stone, heated in sanitizing water to give beneficial muscle relaxing, improved circulation and pain relief.

Jamu-Jamu Massage
90 minutes : IDR. 1100K per person

A massage method that uses herbal ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, ginseng and various spices combined into one in a special cloth, which is called "Herbal Poultice". first the therapist will do a warm-up massage, then continue to steam the herbs and apply it to the client's body, this massage serves to provide a sense of comfort and calm for your muscles.

Rejuvenating Massage
90 Minutes : IDR. 995K per person

A 60-minute gentle massage treatment to rejuvenate and achieve better harmony of mind, body and soul. Using heated massage oil and specific strokes designed to balance the nervous system and restore vital energy flows.Followed by combination of 30 minutes traditional scalp massage using natural ingredients made from a mixture of Jempiring Holy leaves, hibiscus leaves, and aloe vera, which makes hair and scalp feel soft, and is a balanced combination from head to toe.

Foot Reflexology
60 minutes : IDR. 615K per person

An ancient Chinese healing art focused on the pressure point in the feet that correspond with organs and muscles of body for improves circulation and general wellness.

Stress Reliever
30 minutes : IDR. 500K per person

This is the perfect cure after long flight, to relieve tensions. It consists of a condensed but complete head, neck and shoulder massage using our special blend of oils, concluded with warm towel application.

Body Scrub
30 Minutes : IDR. 500K per person

This treatment serves to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells, to moisturize the skin, smoothen and refresh the skin condition.

Fresh and Renew
60 minutes : IDR. 610K per person

This complete treatment is to give a smooth and clean impression to your skin, scrub granules to remove dead skin cells, and masks to moisturize dry and scaly skin, then continue with sensual chocolate or milk bath that will give a fresh sensation

Esthetics Treatment

Pramana Cleopatra’s Signature Facial
60 minutes : IDR. 700K per person

A stimulating facial experience combining completely edible, nature organic ingredients and extracts, with a gentle acupressure massage of energy point on the face, assisting with releasing toxins and revitalizing the delicate facial skin. This unique facial experience will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Traditional Facial
60 minutes : IDR. 590K per person

A wonderful revitalizing and moisturizing facial using fresh ingredients a yoghurt, Yam Bean, olive oil, honey, and cucumber. Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment, concentrating in acupressure points a release that facial tension. This natural cleansing masque, will leave the skin relaxed.

Face yoga
30 minutes : IDR. 500K per person

Face acupressure massage that help to prevent the formation of wrinkles, improves blood circulation, and help to eliminate toxins that cause headaches due to strained muscle.

60 minutes : IDR. 500K per person

Luxurious conditioning cares for your hands. More youthful hands through nail filling, cuticle trimming and minimizing, with exploitation to the hands massage. Allowing the hands to appear softer and smoother. Nail polish or buffing included.

60 minutes : IDR. 550K per person

Pampering time for your feet, we begin with an aromatic foot soak and scrub. Filling cuticle minimizing, pampering foot or leg massage to enhance the condition of your beautiful feet. Nail polish or buffing included

Spa Package

Pramana Healing
150 minutes : IDR. 1.600K per person
150 minutes : IDR. 2.900K per couple

The coconut cleanse takes the journey toward radian health, energy and beauty. Taking responsibility for ones health, whilst trusting in the natural healing power, was one of life’s most empowering experiences. Two hours and halp treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells starting with Pramana Massage to increase blood circulation, continued with body scrub using a grated coconut and coconut mask finished with fresh milk bath.

Age Old Balinese Ritual
150 minutes : IDR. 1.700K per person
150 minutes : IDR. 3.000K per couple

The perfect treatment to rejuvenate your skin and offer a sensation of freshness made from fresh ingredients, this treatment is from the ancient Balinese ancestors which is still widely practiced today. spices are believed to make the skin soft, moist, and also as a natural antiseptic for our skin. The treatment starts with one hour a half traditional Balinese massage, turmeric rice scrub and galangal mask, and finishes with spices bath.

Herbal Refreshing Package
120 minutes : IDR. 1.400K per person
120 minutes : IDR. 2.600K per couple

Indulgence from head to toe, the combination of traditional treatment is designed to leave your feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Start your journeys with foot ritual followed by full body massage and herbal treatment to loosen energy blockages and recoup deficiencies, complete the treatment with a relaxing herbal bath.

Delight Package
120 minutes : IDR. 1.350K per person
120 minutes : IDR. 2.350K per couple

Enjoy a fresh fruit body wrap, using blends of fruits with tomato, carrot, papaya and mandarin orange to smoothen the complexion, softening and refresh your skin. Two hours treatment of relaxing sport massage continued with body wrap, banana leaf wrap then finished with sensual milk bath.

Indulgent Package
180 minutes : IDR. 1.990K per person
180 minutes : IDR. 3.500K per couple

This treatment is the perfect way to end a perfect day, begin with a aromatherapy massage for first applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin, continue to Javanese scrub and yoghurt mask for make skin are glow, to complete the treatment with signature facial, finishing with a flower bath to leave totally full body and face treatment.

Pramana Royal Package
120 minutes : IDR. 1.380K per person
120 minutes : IDR. 2.480K per couple

A indulge your body and soul in the in the nutritious and moisturizing with cocoa. Your chocolate sensation commences with aromatherapy massage with chocolate oil, continue with chocolate body scrub and mask, finishing with a relaxing chocolate bath to complete the treatment we serve hot chocolate.

Romantic Flowers Bath
30 minutes : IDR. 600K per couple

Enjoy a fresh flower bath with beautiful design and colorful flowers. This unique experiences will make your body calm and refreshed.

Fruit Detox Bath
30 minutes : IDR. 750K per couple

A detoxifying experience that will melt your stress away, relax your muscles and eliminate metabolism wastes. We combine mineral sea salt, lemon, mint leave, cucumber, mandarin orange and milk to deeply relax and refresh at the same time.

Pramana Bliss
180 minutes : IDR. 1.400K per person
180 minutes : IDR. 2.400K per couple

Three hours of traditional rejuvenating beauty face treatment followed by manicure and pedicure to completed your beauty.

Private Yoga

Hatha Yoga
IDR. 450K per pax

It is the basis of all types of yoga. Through hatha yoga, the strength and flexibility of the body will be trained with various movements and certain body positions. In addition, hatha yoga also involves many breathing techniques and meditation so it can also be done as a method of relaxation. This type of yoga is recommended for:Beginner, intermediate, advance.

Vinyasa Yoga
IDR. 580K per pax

Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that involves a series of movements where the changes are adjusted to the rhythm of your breathing and your posture will move directly from one pose to the next as you inhale or exhale, creating a dynamic flow. This yoga is usually faster and more freestyle. there is no set order, in one session you get a pose that fits all parts of your body. This type of yoga is recommended for : intermediate & advance.

Restoractive Yoga
IDR. 590K per pax

Restorative yoga postures developed poses done with so as to make the body more relaxed, every yoga poses that do have pauses longer periods of time and maintain a position with relax. Pose – yoga poses done can heal and renew the whole body both physically and emotionally. This type of yoga is recommended for : Beginner, intermediate, advance.

Prenatal Yoga
IDR. 550K per pax

Prenatal Yoga or pregnancy yoga focuses on practicing breathing, and its goal is for the hip area. restoration poses that are useful for restoring energy when you feel tired due to hormonal changes in your body. For those of you who are pregnant, regularly practicing this type of yoga will make you feel stronger, stay active during pregnancy, and be beneficial for the unborn baby. Suitable for those of you who are pregnant, even though you have never done yoga or even never exercised at all before your pregnancy, because Prenatal yoga is specially prepared for your condition when you are pregnant.

Yin & Yang Yoga
IDR. 590K per pax

Refers to a more active warm-up exercise that works muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yoga movements that have rhythm and repetition, this yoga will make people who do it will be full of sweat, the benefits of this yoga are strengthening and toning the body, increasing flexibility and circulation, increasing stamina, calming the mind by inviting us to harmonize the movement with the breath, eliminating tension and resistance in the body to allow breath and prana or energy to flow . This type of yoga is recommended for : Beginner, intermediate, advance.

Wellnes & Healing Program

Pramana Sacred Soul Blessing
IDR. 3.850K per pax

Soul blessing is created by a holy priest and holistic master from Bali. Alit, the Guru is from inner power teacher. When a person has problems with health, limited energy and needs peace and happiness in their live, Soul Blessing will provide purification for the body and mental spirit. Starting with a consultation with the teacher about spirituality, healing, life problems, energy reading and techniques of concentration, controlling of breathing, yoga and meditation to connect the light and absorb the universal energy for love and happiness, the blessing continues with clearing the body and spirit of negative aura with an energy prana / reiki treatment. This is combined with pure holy water (with young coconut water, sea water, river water, lemon grass, lotus petals flower, rose petals, and some other flowers within one place). The Guru will them engage in an initiation program to charge you with positive energy from the universe and raise.

Meditation Love, Peace and Happiness (Giri Bhuana/Yoga Semadhi)
IDR. 790K per pax

Meditation is combination controlling of breathing, focus and concentration, energy movements to refresh your mind and body fell love happiness and intuition. If you lead stressful lifestyle, it is important to learn to switch off at the end of a busy day with therapies or practices that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle. Never use lack of time as an excuse to prevent yourself from meditating. Make the time one of the most effective ways to manage stress is thoughts the age – old practice of meditation. It focuses your thought and is a great way to calm your mind and body. There are many different movement technique of meditation such as Giri Bhuana (health meditation), Samadhi (enlightment / peace, love, happiness meditation), chakrameditation, creative visualization meditation and kundalini. Some of which are best taught by an expert. Try to following some of technique meditation with our qualified instructor and absorb right thought energy to your body and try to routine practice the technique into your daily life.

Crystal Chakra Healing
IDR. 1.490K per pax

Chakra Healing is a systematic holistic treatment using a Crystal healing, pendulum, Tibetan bowl and a unique powerful Balinese therapeutic massage, inner energy treatment and spiritual healing to give a deep holistic healing to the body, mind and spirit. It is good for those who need deep therapy due the both acute and chronic problems of fatigue, asthenia, poor spirit, weakness, general tensions, and aching. It rebalances and refreshes the system in the body, mind and spirit. Starting consultation with the teacher about spirituality, healing, life problems, energy reading and chakra diagnosis with pendulum and sound of Tibetan bowl to raise your energy level continues with Balinese therapeutic massage uses a unique technique of massage that works on the muscle, tendon, blood circulation, lymphatic and vital energy systems, all at the same time for the some parts of body, beginning with the feet, back, hands, shoulder and head massage incorporating, an inner energy treatment and spiritual healing, the treatment close with clearing the body and spiritof negative aura with a energy prana / reiki treatment. This is combined shower with pure holy water (with young coconut water, sea water, river water, lemon grass, lotus petals flower, rose petals, and some other flowers within one place). The Guru will them engage in an initiation program to charge you with positive energy from the universe and raise the energy levels in the body. Join in the Body Mind and Spirit Journey and feel the benefits of nourishment to and calming of your body.

Water Yoga Healing
IDR. 790K per pax

a type of yoga that involves moving asanas or comfortable, slow, meditative postures in pool water. the benefits of aqua yoga for the body can improve body balance, reduce arthritis, reduce muscle tension. This activity will be handled by instructors who are experienced in their fieldsthe energy levels in the body. Join in the Soul Blessing Journey and feel the benefits of nourishment to and calming of your body, spirit and mind.

Birthday Reading
IDR. 880K per pax

Birthday reading is a field of study focused In the significance of number in your life. It shares some similarities with astrology in that it provides information on who you are, and the overall characteristic of your life path. Birthday reading is a system that breaks the world around us down into its basic elements: numbers.

Reiki/Prana/Spiritual Healing
IDR. 770K per pax

Reiki is Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. But now Reiki is popular in the world. In Bali from long time ago we use Reiki for our Traditional medicine, and we called “Usadha”. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands -on healing through which a universal energy is said to be transferred through the palm of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or phisical healing.

Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy
IDR. 750K per pax

Sound Healing Therapy is Therapy for your mind, your body and your Soul used 7 Singing Bowl Cakra. That’s we know everybody have 7 activr cakra in own body. From the 7 singing bowl Tibetan we cleansing and balancing our cakra. Every cakra used every singing bowl. Every singing bowl have different sound and different means.

Tarot Reading
IDR. 620K per pax

That we know Tarot Carda is very popular in the world. This magic card have 78 cards. Arcana Mayir and Arcana Minor. Every card have different means. It will be connect to our mind and our soul when we practice. The Reader will be telling about the means frim.the cards depend the client’s questions. We believe low of attraction or Karma.

IDR. 760K per pax

Emotion Freedom Tehnique is a treatment of how we can control our emotions. That we You know, different people feel different stress, such as pressure in life, health to financial problems.So this treatment is one of the solutions to control the emotions of these humans. This technique also applies pressure to certain body parts, the goal is to reduce tension and improve the relationship between body and mind.

IDR. 770K per pax

Hypnotherapy is popular in the world. Hypnotheraphy is the therapy foucused from our mind. Many people do the theraphy because they have Traumatic from their life.Trauma from childhood, trauma with their couple etc. This treatment can do release the problems and make feel free after.