Cultural Pastimes

Pramana Watu Kurung is part of a Balinese village on the outskirts of Ubud and as a result of this unique location, activities for in-house guests are influenced by local art and culture. From classes teaching how to make temple offerings to mastering the graceful movements of traditional dance and learning to cook Balinese cuisine, there is something for just about everyone.

Early morning trekking excursions through the neighbouring rice fields provide an opportunity to experience village life up close and personal. There are also fascinating temple tours as well as bike rides to explore the island’s tropical beauty. Every month, the resort conducts a village clean-up and guests are more than welcome to participate.


For guests who are confident on bicycles and want more of an explore village experience in Bunutan Ubud. And also experiencing typical Balinese daily life and enjoying the beautiful Balinese countryside to Ubud. 2 hours complimentary based on availability, so one day advance reservation is appreciated.

Rice field Morning Walk

Experience your life with interacting to friendly local native speaker, observing their daily morning activities as well as learn about the culture and customs of Balinese people and village. Our guest activity will guide you on this walk. One day advance reservation is appreciated.

Balinese Dance Lesson

Step out of your ordinary day and join us at the Surya Puja – Yoga Centre for an introduction into Balinese Dance. Our experienced instructor will gently guide you and your partner as you learn your first Balinese dance steps. Sample the integrated body movements, hand and facial gestures that make Balinese dance so unusual to new visitors. Our teacher will explain the meaning(s) behind the individual postures and gestures that comprise the basics of Balinese dance. It’s a wonderful way to expand one’s knowledge of the Bali-Hindu culture while enjoying a bit of exercise. We’ll provide the music, the sash and the sarong, so come join us for a few hours of fun! The details information about Balinese dance lesson is available 24 hours in our reception.

Metanding and Mejajaitan

Metanding is an activity to arrange a variety of offering material and make it becomes integrity of the Banten (offerings). While mejejahitan is part of metanding, which sew the Busung (coconut leaf) assembled with various flowers and leaves. Busung or coconut leaf usually cut according to the size which will be made, after sew with a semat (small sticks from bamboo and be a hook). Mejejahitan usually conducted by women and men will be involved also in picking flowers, climbing coconut, looking leaf, or a variety of equipment on preparation stage. We invite you to join our guest activity hosted at Surya Puja – Yoga Centre every day to practice making Metanding and Mejajaitan. The details information is available at our reception 24 hours a day.

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