Pramana Spa

Pramana Spa

The Pramana Spa at the Pramana WatuKurung is designed to give a personalized in Resort service


Pramana Spa

Pramana it’s means “proof” and “means of knowledge”. Ancient and medieval Indian texts identify six pramanas as correct means of accurate knowledge and to truths: perception (Sanskrit pratyakṣa), inference (anumāna), comparison and analogy (upamāna), postulation, derivation from circumstances (arthāpatti),non-perception, negative/cognitive proof (anupalabdhi) and word, testimony of past or present reliable experts (Śabda). Practice in your life the six part to radiance your glow inner beauty and balance body energy.

The Pramana Spa is set incorporate with the Surya Puja Yoga at same level with spa featuring two room with couple massage beds, shower and bath, include outside mani and pedicure area. While enjoying signature treatments using local herbs ingredients from a relaxation massage to intensive detox program.Embracing the sight and sounds over look on the side river with and the bridges.

Surya Puja Yoga

Surya Puja Insights on Lifestyle is designed for yoga and wellness for those looking to enjoy themselves while also taking care of their bodies, minds & souls. Traditionally Surya Puja is dedicated to the God of Sun, performed at sunrise which is considered the most profitable spiritual time and facing the rising sun, a holistic experience that transcends into all aspects of your life.

Stunning rooftop open-aired yoga pavilion that looks out at natural forestry scenery and terrace rice fields. Designed and built to incorporate with yoga characteristics using a mix of bamboo formed structures, wooden floor and resembling ‘alang – alang’ thatched roofs, at the rooftop adjacent to the Spa pavillion.

Everything is set up for you to relax, tone your body and connect with like-minded people around you. Surya Puja is the perfect place to dive deep into your yoga practice.

Opening Hours 07:00-18:00 | Capacity 10 persons

Balinese Genuine Activities

Experience becoming Balinese. We invite you to join our guest activity hosted at Surya Puja Yoga every day to practice making Balinese offering. Please contact reception for details of activity of the day.

Starting from 13:00-14:00 at Surya Puja Yoga

Spa & Wellness Offers

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